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We offer full stack consulting services that will improve your business and your bottom line more than anyone else in the industry can. Every single member of our team is a full stack generalist. From Python, to SQL, to Javascript, and HTML+CSS, we do it all. Whether you want your own app, want to assess your tech stack, or want to talk AI, we specialize in reducing IT costs, and generating profits from your IT department.

I currently have over 30 books available on Amazon related to every aspect of Artificial Intelligence. From Development, to Mathemetics, to Philosophy. 

I currently offer over 30 courses related to AI and Machine Learning on Udemy. Several of them are 100% free courses. 


Blending AI and Deterministic Software
2024-02-22 13:23 As the AI revolution marches forward, it seems that most people are starting to form camps around these things. In one camp are the people who swear to never use AI, and in the other camp are people w...
Gemma 2B Is Not Good
2024-02-21 13:54 I’m not a fanboy, but if I were to be a fanboy for one company in the AI race, it would be Google. They had the edge in the AI race from the year 2000, until I would say, about 2019. When Gemma 7B and...
When AI Might Not Be the Right Tool for the Job
2024-02-04 14:13 Choosing the right tool for the job is crucial for success, and this applies to artificial intelligence (AI) as well. While AI has revolutionized many fields, it's not always the optimal solution....
JediPhi Emerges: Padawan, Your Open-Source AI Companion
2024-02-04 02:32 The Force is flowing strong with the release of JediPhi, an open-source language model trained on the Jedi 500 Dataset. With the code accessible to all, aspiring Jedi Knights and tech enthusiasts alik...
Choosing the Right Software Approach: Rule-Based vs. AI vs. Hybrid
2024-02-03 09:48 Modern businesses rely heavily on software systems to automate tasks, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions. But how do you choose the right approach? When should you opt for rule-base...
Test Data Showing That Models Can Learn From Generalizable Datasets
2024-02-03 07:26 Humor Understanding Multi-task Optimization & Ranking   Do LLM models actually learn from a very small dataset, or do they only learn from having a sheer overwhelming force of data thrown at them, u...


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