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We offer full stack consulting services that will improve your business and your bottom line more than anyone else in the industry can. Every single member of our team is a full stack generalist. From Python, to SQL, to Javascript, and HTML+CSS, we do it all. Whether you want your own app, want to assess your tech stack, or want to talk AI, we specialize in reducing IT costs, and generating profits from your IT department.

I currently have over 30 books available on Amazon related to every aspect of Artificial Intelligence. From Development, to Mathemetics, to Philosophy. 

I currently offer over 30 courses related to AI and Machine Learning on Udemy. Several of them are 100% free courses. 


For decades, software development has been a walled garden, accessible only to those with deep pockets or specialized skills. But what if this paradigm shifted? What if the very code that powers our lives became democratized, freely available to all? Enter the bold vision of completely free software development, powered by AI.


Imagine a world where startups can launch their dreams without crippling development costs. Picture small businesses crafting bespoke tools to streamline their operations, unburdened by hefty price tags. This isn't a utopian fantasy; it's the potential unleashed by the confluence of open-source software and the burgeoning power of artificial intelligence.


AI as the Code Catalyst:


The key to unlocking this free software revolution lies in AI's ability to streamline and automate development processes.Imagine:

AI-powered code generation: Imagine outlining your software's functionality, and AI crafting the underlying code – boilerplate, algorithms, and all! This empowers non-programmers to become creators, democratizing the development landscape.

Intelligent debugging and optimization: AI can analyze code, identify inefficiencies and bugs, and suggest improvements, making development faster and more efficient.


Personalized development assistants: AI companions can guide developers through complex tasks, answer questions, and even suggest alternative approaches, accelerating learning and boosting productivity.


Open Source: The Foundation of Freedom:


While AI acts as the catalyst, open-source software forms the bedrock of this revolution. By freely sharing code libraries and frameworks, a collaborative ecosystem emerges, where developers contribute and build upon each other's work. This shared knowledge base reduces development costs and accelerates innovation, paving the way for truly free software solutions.


Challenges and Opportunities:


This path towards free software isn't without its hurdles. Intellectual property concerns, monetization models, and ethical considerations around AI development need careful navigation. However, the potential rewards are immense.


A world where everyone can access the tools to build software fosters innovation, empowers individuals, and fuels economic growth. Imagine students crafting educational apps, communities developing tools to tackle local challenges,and entrepreneurs launching ventures without financial constraints. The possibilities are endless.


The call to action is clear: embrace open-source principles, leverage the power of AI, and work towards a future where software development is not a privilege, but a right. Let's democratize code, unleash creativity, and build a world where software empowers all.

This is just the beginning of the conversation. Let's spark the debate, share ideas, and collectively shape the future of software development. Join the movement, and together, let's make free software a reality.


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