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We offer full stack consulting services that will improve your business and your bottom line more than anyone else in the industry can. Every single member of our team is a full stack generalist. From Python, to SQL, to Javascript, and HTML+CSS, we do it all. Whether you want your own app, want to assess your tech stack, or want to talk AI, we specialize in reducing IT costs, and generating profits from your IT department.

I currently have over 30 books available on Amazon related to every aspect of Artificial Intelligence. From Development, to Mathemetics, to Philosophy. 

I currently offer over 30 courses related to AI and Machine Learning on Udemy. Several of them are 100% free courses. 


We all remember the seismic shifts of e-commerce 15 years ago. Back then, bold businesses that handed the reins of their online sales to Amazon reaped significant early rewards. Convenience, massive audience, and streamlined logistics were irresistible. However, those who ceded too much control soon found themselves in a dangerous position. Amazon, armed with their sales data and direct customer relationships, could outmaneuver them - even becoming direct competitors.


Today, we face a remarkably similar turning point with the rise of advanced AI tools. The promise of automating tasks, generating content, and streamlining analysis is undeniable. Yet, there's a looming danger we cannot ignore—the risk of handing too much control over our businesses to these powerful AI systems.


From Convenience to Competition


Just as Amazon leveraged its position to become a formidable rival for its sellers, the AI providers of today could easily do the same tomorrow. Imagine the following scenarios:

- The AI-Powered Content Farm: You diligently feed your industry data to a cutting-edge AI writing tool—only to discover it now generates articles, white papers, and marketing copy with alarming similarity to your business's unique insights. This content is then made available to your direct competitors.

- The "Insights" Black Box: You've spent months optimizing your workflow with a sophisticated AI system. However, the AI's inner decision-making processes are entirely opaque. Changes in its outputs or recommendations could cripple your operations, and you have limited recourse because you don't understand the AI's reasoning.

- The AI-as-Competitor: The very company providing your AI business solutions quietly launches its own in-house products, using the data gathered from you and others to create a superior offering. Now, you are locked into their ecosystem, paying to fuel their competitive edge.


Lessons from the E-commerce Evolution


The lessons of Amazon's ascent are clear:

- Diversification is Key: Don't become utterly dependent on any one platform or solution. Build a diverse toolbox of AI providers, and ensure your core intellectual property never exists solely inside any single AI system.

- Ownership Matters: When possible, develop or invest in custom AI solutions that give you ownership of the models and the data they're trained on.

- Transparency is Vital: Thoroughly vet any AI provider. Demand clarity in how their models work, and avoid systems that obscure their logic.


Striking the Right Balance


This isn't a call to reject the immense potential of AI. The advantages in efficiency and insight are undeniable. However, a healthy dose of caution and strategic thinking is vital. Here's how to find the balance:

- Own Your Core Data: Maintain secure, independent databases of your most valuable business information. Use AI tools strategically, but never make them the sole repository of critical knowledge.

- Stay Agile: View AI providers as powerful tools, not foundational partners. Continuously evaluate emerging options and be prepared to shift rapidly.

- Invest in Human Intelligence: Don't rely solely on AI as a replacement for in-house expertise. AI should augment your team's capabilities, not supplant them.


The e-commerce revolution taught us that short-term convenience often leads to long-term power imbalances. As AI becomes more ubiquitous, we cannot let history repeat itself. Smart businesses will leverage AI strategically while diligently protecting their independent data, knowledge, and competitive edge.


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